What is dynamized water?

Dynamised water is living water which, thanks to a system of vortices and falls, acquires unique properties. Dynamised water adds a delicate fragrance and lightness to our products and makes them highly digestible.

Dynamised water

Our products are unique, not just because of the excellence of the raw materials selected but also because of the use of dynamised water which is produced through a system patented by Piàsotti. One recently discovered property of dynamised water is that it helps soften and eliminate colon incrustations together with necrosis and it helps relieve constipation and cures diverticulitis. There is no end to the water’s intrinsic qualities: the first and most important quality is that of cleansing, or rather removing, everything toxic from the body without eliminating the proteins which help protect the body from, for example, allergies, dermatoses, colds and flu, rheumatism, etc. The goodness of this alpine spring water is also worth mentioning. When drunk, this water immediately assists digestion, helps the body pass waste, and truly adds to the body’s well-being. Though, once bottled and taken home, it loses such quality and, indeed, it loses its natural dynamisation. In fact, this is one of the water’s particular states and cannot be maintained.