Piasotti is a company with a strong artisan tradition and a particular social awareness. We make organic biscuitscrackers and piadine and are the only company which adds dynamised water to its recipes, making our products unique in terms of taste and lightness.

Piàsotti company began its journey in 2004. Carmen and Fabio had an idea, perhaps a little naïve and at odds with the times, to sell organic piadine in order to support an activity with a social aim. After building a work area at home and having re-proposed Fabio's mother's recipe (a well-known piadina maker in Bassa Romagna), production and sales began.


The product was an immediate success and sales took off. Family circumstances then forced the Pasquotis to move to Carpi, where Carmen’s family comes from. In a new facility, and with huge investments in advanced machinery and equipment, Piasotti took up the challenge of mass retail distribution: and in a few short years became known throughout Emilia Romagna and Veneto with particularly high rates of growth.

In 2017, a reorganisation was needed to achieve the aim of becoming an even more widespread and prestigious business: and it was in this context that, in March, the Maggioli Group became part of the company.

Under these circumstances, the company represents two different businesses, united by the same goal: the entrepreneurial Group, for over 100 years an Italian leader in providing products and services for Public Administration, professionals and companies, and the food-service supply chain, inspired by the passion of the founder, Manlio Maggioli, to enhance a business culture which supports the dialogue between region and tradition, between taste and quality, to combine synergies based on shared values.

Thanks to such combination, today Piasotti Srl is ready to become a leader both in Italy and all over the world, in producing healthy, organic products.


Piasotti makes the finest, healthiest products which are marketed under several product brands.

The Piasotti brand, always attentive to the needs of the family, has always meant affordable prices even up to the Biopiaccio range where quality is the sole aim, preparing and baking our BioPiaccio Piadina by hand with traditional tools from the traditional stalls found along the Romagnola Riviera, from products made with ancient grains to those made entirely within an Emiliano Romagnola supply chain.