B’io Piaccio’s history is made of passion and love for simple things, made as it once, and respect of our own land.

Since our foundation in 2004 in the heart of Emilia region, we have decided to use only high quality organic raw materials, carefully selected and processed respecting the tradition. In the meantime, we have always paid attention to innovation, in order to offer increasingly safe and natural products.

To our initial piadine production, it was soon added one dedicated to biscuits and savory snacks. We also decided to produce yeast-free items, thanks to the use of the dynamized water, a process that we patented. We avoid the use of milk, eggs, GMOs and palm oil, in order to offer excellent products.

Since 2020, true to our values, the packaging of our biscuits and savory snacks is made with 100% recyclable paper, and since 2021 we are IFS certified.

What has always distinguished us during these years is love and respect for the territory where we live, the raw materials that we use, our job made with enthusiasm every day and for the people who choose our products.

Now as then, our values have remained unchanged. Each ingredient of every product is carefully selected, processed with balance, with constant commitment to our customers and the nature that surrounds us.

That’s because organic is not only a choice, but a lifestyle we have always believed in.

Le nostre certificazioni

Le nostre certificazioni garantiscono il nostro lavoro

Selezioniamo attentamente tutte le materie prime, effettuando controlli con personale qualificato.


IFS FOOD STANDARD: Severi controlli assicurano la qualità dei prodotti e dei processi secondo standard internazionali.


CERTIFICAZIONE DA AGRICOLTURA BIOLOGICA: Tutti I nostri ingredienti provengono da agricolture biologiche certificate.